BACnet Web Service

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The SCADA Engine BACnet Web Service provides a means to integrate building automation and control systems with other enterprise computing applications using SOAP/XML technologies. This allows Platforms such as Microsoft .Net or Java to access real time data from a building automation system.

Potential uses of the technology include the following :-

  • Display of Real Time Data onto a HTML Web page.
  • Simplifying access to building energy and performance data for inclusion in spreadsheets and other management reports.
  • Accessing equipment run-time data for use by maintenance management systems.
  • Allowing tenant control of space temperature setpoints.
  • Coupling of room scheduling with ventilation and comfort control .

Web Services Supported

The BACnet Web Service implements the following Services.

BACnet Service Supported
getValue Yes
getValues Yes
getRelativeValues Yes
getArray Yes
getArrayRange Yes
getArraySize Yes
setValue Yes
setValues Yes
getDefaultLocale Yes
getSupportedLocals Yes
getHistoryPeriodic No

BACnet Services Supported

The BACnet Web Service implements the following services listed in the the table.

BACnet Service Initiate Execute
Who Is Yes Yes
I Am Yes Yes
Who Has Yes Yes
I Have Yes Yes
Read Property Yes Yes
Write Property Yes Yes
Device Communication Control Yes Yes
ReinitializeDevice Yes Yes
Atomic Read File Yes Yes
Atomic Write File Yes Yes
Time Synchronization Yes Yes
UTC Time Synchronization Yes Yes
Subscribe COV Yes Yes
Subscribe COV Property Yes Yes
Confirmed COV Notification Yes Yes
Unconfirmed COV Notification Yes Yes
Read Property Multiple Yes Yes
Read Property Conditional - -
Read Range Yes Yes
Write Property Multiple Yes Yes
Get Alarm Summary Yes Yes
Get Event Information Yes Yes
Get Enrollment Summary Yes Yes
Acknowledge Alarm Yes Yes
Confirmed Event Notification Yes Yes
Unconfirmed Event Notification Yes Yes
Unconfirmed Text Message Yes Yes
Confirmed Text Message Yes Yes
Add List Element Yes Yes
Remove List Element Yes Yes
Create Object Yes Yes
Delete Object Yes Yes
Unconfirmed Private Transfer Yes Yes
Confirmed Private Transfer Yes Yes
VT Open - -
VT Data - -
VT Close - -
Life Safety Operation Yes Yes
Get Event Information Yes Yes

BACnet Object Types Supported

The BACnet Web Service implements the following objects listed in the the table.

BACnet Object Creatable Deletable
AnalogInput Yes Yes
AnalogOutput Yes Yes
AnalogValue Yes Yes
BinaryInput Yes Yes
BinaryOutput Yes Yes
BinaryValue Yes Yes
Calendar Yes Yes
Command Yes Yes
Device No No
EventEnrolment Yes Yes
File No No
Group Yes Yes
Loop Yes Yes
MultistateInput Yes Yes
MultistateOutput Yes Yes
NotificationClass Yes Yes
Program No No
Schedule Yes Yes
Averaging Yes Yes
MultistateValue Yes Yes
TrendLog Yes Yes
LifeSafetyPoint Yes Yes
LifeSafetyZone Yes Yes
Accumulator Yes Yes
PulseConverter Yes Yes